Monday, October 26, 2015

Mending Fences or Bridges or Whatever

Many of you may have been wondering if the rumors are true. The answer is yes, after Angie and I spectacularly failed round two of Cupcake Wars (I blame her subpar bacon infused frosting, she blames my overly salty, salted caramel), we have had a months long falling out. This has resulted in an unplanned hiatus in our razor sharp commentary on 90s era Christian romance novels. Thankfully months of Sister Counseling with the finest Sister Therapists in the land have helped us overcome our differences. I've learned to look past her flagrant disregard for the appropriate use of umami flavors in desserts, and she in kind has accepted my perchance for breaking all of her shit and hiding it beneath her couch.

The point is we are once again a team. Stay tuned for our next book review as we take on CLOUDS and talk about teen marriage, true sisterhood, and if Robin Jones Gunn is a Nazi sympathizer.

In the meantime enjoy this guided meditation that we now do every morning in unison.