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Angie is a writer and senior lecturer at Ohio State University. She can rock a pink frosted lipstick like nobody's business and would cut a fool for a piping cup of Irish Breakfast Tea (jk, tea is unAmerican and therefore traitorous). She once decorated her entire bedroom in wicker furniture. It was pretty kick-ass. Her one flaw is being too proud to tell people if she is starving to death.

Twitter: @Angelaface 

Elise has been stealing Angie's Christian romance novels since she can remember. She also dropped several of Angie's books in the bathtub while reading them, which she now recognizes was a dick move on her part. Elise often wonders if her khaki shorts have the right number of pleats. She is pretty sure that she is a "Winter," but she wishes Aunt Marty would take her to get her colors done, so she could know for sure.

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