Thursday, May 21, 2015

Glenbrook Glitter GIFs!!!

I went to Appleseed Comic Con in Fort Wayne, IN this past weekend and got these amazing glitter doodles from Ginger Dee of She was only charging $5 so Angie and I went a little cray-cray and requested a glitter doodle of every inside joke we could think of related to our blog. We got everything except the cocaine filled tamale Angie demanded, because Gin and I deemed a cocaine filled tamale kind of impossible to draw. Angie was enraged, but channeled her anger into her own artwork, as seen below. Anyway, enough words, bask in the glory that is GLITTER GIFS!

Natural Disaster: Branded

Dove bars are actually really good, so Jessica can stay

Foreshadowing the wicker-fest that is Sunsets

Angie drew her own cocaine filled tamale.

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